Saturday, 30 April 2011

new bike: 1.5kilo

Here is the lightest frame ever built in our workshop. Extra care was taken to use the lightest tubing and joining method possible. It weighs in at just about 1.5 kilos (We'll know exactly when its done). Is it strong enough? Will it hold? We're about to find out...

...and a wheelbarrow full of dead bicycles, sacraficed to a greater good.

Italian vs. German ... uhm, engineering?

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Bamboo transports human

Bamboo has transported quite a lot of human lately. In addition to Anselm's epic rides to Hamburg and Hannover, David Birger and myself recently rode from Berlin to Usedom... not in one day. Right before leaving I got Anja to pose with my bike.

The weather was ideal. The roads were amazing. The scenery even better. The closer we got to the coast, the cleaner and cooler the air became. We also discovered that when a German map says "aussichtspunkt" that usually means "spectacular free place to camp".

On the ferry between Ückermünde and Kamminke we met a biologist who was finishing his tour from Dresden to Usedom. In two days. wow. I think he wants a bamboo bike.


Anselm rides to Hannover

Anselm is my hero. Last Friday he rode from Berlin to Hannover. 280km. what more can I say?

Sunday, 17 April 2011

party at the Rummelsburger Bucht

It was a beautiful sunday afternoon and I was on my way to the workshop, riding the trail along the Rummelsburger Bucht which constitutes the most scenic part of my ride. Approaching a bend in the trail, I begin to hear music, and peoples voices, and a crowd begins to appear. It is sunday afternoon, and a group of 4 or 5 hundred people are partying, dancing, and relaxing around an obandoned house in the sun on the banks of the river. I ask around, whats the event for? Whats the special occasion? Theres no special occasion, its just a party. Because its Sunday and the sun is shining. I love Berlin.

I decided this is the right opportunity to begin taking pictures for our blog. I asked a couple people lying in the grass along the trail if they would pose with a bike for a blog. "If it will help you sell those bikes, I'd be glad to!" said one. Thanks you guys!


Origin Bikes makes picture taking sexy

Dearest world,
we build bicycles out of bamboo because we find them sexy. We also want to sell these bicycles, so we started this blog as a place for people to see the bicycles we have built and admire their beauty.

Obviously looking at pictures of bicycles is a wonderful thing to do, but we wanted to make it even better. So whats sexier than a bamboo bicycle? How about a bamboo bicycle AND a pretty girl?

On this blog we will post pictures of our bicycles, accompanied by pretty girls (and perhaps some pretty boys as well) for your viewing pleasure. All bicycles you see on this blog were built by us at Origin.


Lieber Nutzer,

was uns bei diesem Blog im Sinne liegt, sei ein Höchstmaß an Ästhetik zu erreichen durch die Komposition der zwei schönsten Dinge auf der Welt: Fahrräder und Frauen. Er ist für alle, die wie wir glauben, dass sich diese zwei Faktoren nicht in Ästhetik addieren, sondern multiplizieren. Wenn nicht gar potenzieren.

Wir wollen diese Plattform nutzen, unsere Bambusräder vorzustellen ohne den Betrachter zu langweilen. Habt Spaß mit den Fotos, empfehlt uns weiter und schaut wieder vorbei.