Sunday, 17 April 2011

party at the Rummelsburger Bucht

It was a beautiful sunday afternoon and I was on my way to the workshop, riding the trail along the Rummelsburger Bucht which constitutes the most scenic part of my ride. Approaching a bend in the trail, I begin to hear music, and peoples voices, and a crowd begins to appear. It is sunday afternoon, and a group of 4 or 5 hundred people are partying, dancing, and relaxing around an obandoned house in the sun on the banks of the river. I ask around, whats the event for? Whats the special occasion? Theres no special occasion, its just a party. Because its Sunday and the sun is shining. I love Berlin.

I decided this is the right opportunity to begin taking pictures for our blog. I asked a couple people lying in the grass along the trail if they would pose with a bike for a blog. "If it will help you sell those bikes, I'd be glad to!" said one. Thanks you guys!


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