Sunday, 1 May 2011


I love mayfest. Everybody goes outside. Everybody walks around in the streets. People grill on the sidewalk. People talk to eachother. People meet one another. People fall in love. Every once in a while, a car gets set of fire or a brick tossed through a bank window. Thats just how mayfest is.

This mayfest I just so happened to finish a frame. Its the most refined frame I've built yet. And the lightest. I was doing some finishing touches when Stefan and Josie showed up and asked if I wanted to come with them to Kreuzberg. I grabbed my almost finished frame, tossed it over my shoulder, shoved my camera in my pocket and we rode off into the beautiful afternoon...

... but not before making Josie pose for a couple glamour shots in the garden. She is so beautiful.


1 comment:

  1. I did enjoy and still the frame remains priceless, and all the women are beautiful as well as the frame. I wonder about the name change almost a year later but I still wonder and marvel at how nature and tecnology met or meet there and then. Without speaking German would or could I understand what is going on in the name of original innovation?