Sunday, 13 May 2012

New Everything!

The spring is here and everything is new!  We've got a new workshop, a new name and (suprise) and new Blog URL.  But the big news?  Our Kickstarter campaign, currently running until June 5.  the purpose? raise money to build tester-bikes, that we can loan out to people for a spin around the block.  Who? anybody who gives us money of course! Heres the link: give us some Monay!
our new workshop

So as part of the Kickstarter-mayhem, we've been contacting BLOGS.  We recently got this (amazing) write-up in  Its a history of cycling and how it relates to Ozon Cyclery!

We've also got a bundle of bikes in the works.  We're making a Pashley-Guvnor copy as a collaboration with ST-37, a metal workshop here in Berlin (  See the coconut-lamp in the render?  Thats no joke.  Its already been made.  It's also gonna get hand-hammered copper fenders.
The Coconut-cruiser

 Our intern Matt is also building himself a black beauty with cream trim.  We put on our thinking caps to contemplate the form of the lugs...

Matt and Dan wearing thinking caps

and the bike will look like this...
coffee and cream

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