Monday, 18 August 2014

Design and the art of bamboo bike building

Dear Reader,
At Ozon we do a good bit of Facebook posting, Newsletter writing, and lots and lots of bamboo bike building. One thing we've neglected though, from the very beginning, is this blog.

So I, Dan, have decided to take this opportunity to commandeer our blog. I will start writing about my personal experiences at Ozon, running a small and unusual business, working together with talented and creative colleages, and above all, building Bamboo bike frames.

I will write honestly. I will tell the truth, and tell a story. It won't be advertising. It won't all be pretty. It won't be what my lawyer or publicist * think I should say. It will just be the way I see things, or the way they are. And hopefully it will help someone, someday**.

So dearest readers, here 'goes. The first thing that will happen is a bike trip across Germany.


*I don't actually have a publicist.
**unless that someone is in a lawsuit against us, in which case I hope what I say does not help them.

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